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Nicholas George

Spiritual Guidance and Advice.


How I offer my readings:

a) A $3.99 per minute rate.

b) My set rates & times are listed under my special offers.

c) Inbox/Email Readings: You MUST be a registered user. Ask for this in the intro time, I request the payment and deliver your reading in 60 minutes.

Appointment Booking Procedure: Start a chat with me, say you wish to book an appointment. We will then discuss your situation and arrange a time. You will be sent a request with all of the information following our chat

Hello, my name is Nicholas. I am an English spiritual reader with around 16 years experience.

I work using my natural abilities, my Gypsy cards and occasionally other tools to tune into the energy you bring forward with your situation and questions,to provide you with the guidance, support, answers and clarity you need.

I do not sugar-coat anything, but rest assured that I deliver any challenging information with compassion.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I have been aware of my abilities since childhood and discovered cards in my adolescence. I started being mentored by a local psychic before I began to offer my reading services professionally, initially on a text service, then a telephone service.

When smart phones and apps were introduced, I then began to offer my services to a wider range of people, who have offered me the blessing of trusting me with their situation.

I truly love what I do and am passionate about helping people in whatever way I am able.

I kindly ask for you to offer me the same respect of time and energy that I offer you. Please don’t ask me for answers or a free reading in the introduction. I want to get to know you and we are two humans having a heartfelt connection in hopes of mutually learning and guiding.


In my experience as a Spiritual Advisor and Fortune Teller, I have read for people from all walks of life, for all kinds of situations and questions.

In my years of being a reader, I have seen a trend in people coming to me for the below subjects.

LGBTQ+ community - Love and relationships - Emotional and mental wellness - Career prospects - Spirituality - Decision making- Affirmation/Comfort-

I have learned through the years of reading and life experience that it is vital that a person feels heard and reassured that there is no judgement here. If you are feeling nervous, embarrassed or a sense of shame regarding the situation that you are seeking guidance for, put that burden down for the time we spend together and please know that I am compassionate, pragmatic and most importantly driven to provide you with spiritual guidance, clarity and the answers you seek so that you can put your best foot forward.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me and to see what our exchange has to offer

If you could take a moment following your reading to please leave a review, I would very much appreciate it

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