Energy Reader_Aditya

Love and relationship problems? Career or business related trouble? Get honest reading, dream interpretation that work and show results.


Looking for happiness, comfort and relaxation? Every problem has a solution. Understand your energies and get your dreams read. I’m here to help you find all your solutions. Let’s do it with Energy reading.


I am a spiritual healer, dream interpreter and energy reader. My healing expertise is beneficial to people of all age groups i.e. from adolescence to elderly people.

I am an empathic Listener and have strong reading skills. I am always passionate about helping people in resolving their life issues, specifically in the areas like Love, body change issues and depression related to it, Career, Relationship, Behavior Modification and Life skills.

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Languages: English

Media: Audio Call, Video Call

Local Time: (GMT+05:30) August 03, 2021, 03:27PM


$0.99 per minute (after your approval)

Book 30 Minutes for $25. 1 Hour for for $45

My $10 deal:

15 Minutes chat for First Time Services.