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Kristi is a Master Energy Healer and Aura Reader. In a reading with Kristi she will assess your energy body, check for attachments and look at your connection to the people and situations in your life. She will assist you in healing and clearing anything that is limiting your best possible function in all areas of your life. Kristi’s work will set off a cycle of healing in your body that will last for 24 hours or more. She will assist you in healing yourself and teach you ways to stay in balance. Kristi is a pattern breaker. If you are stuck in a relationship or other situation you can’t get out of, Kristi will assist you through energy and thought work in breaking the pattern and moving forward. Kristi reads the energy of relationships and situations and can help you determine compatibility and outcomes based on the energy of anything. She will look at past life attachments that may be affecting you now and help you release anything that does not serve you in this lifetime.

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I have been reading for people professionally for 13 years. My family and I owned a metaphysical store for 10 years, there I read for people in person. I love reading for people around the world. I am a Social Worker as well as a clairvoyant/clairaudient. I am straightforward and compassionate. A great deal of my work is in looking at connections between people and situations to help break patterns and predict the most beneficial next move.


I have been offering readings and healing for 13 years. I have worked in person, on hotlines and on radio.

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