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Pre-paid & per minute readings only

I ABSOLUTELY will NOT comment on what another advisor said. We’re all differently gifted & will be given messages according to those gifts.

Sometimes Spirit sends you the message you NEED not the message you WANT I’m not going to dip your answers in syrup & honey//I offer insight into current situations & offer guidance on navigating upcoming events in life//I don’t do physical descriptions or firm timelines. People focus too much on the minutia of these details instead of the big picture and that hyper focus makes you overlook the exact thing you were looking for. //It’s not the best use of your money to keep getting readings on the same topic. If you are working towards a change give it 30 days before asking again//Your attitude and energy will play a part in how quickly or slowly things manifest. You have to do the work to get what you want. Sometimes that means WAITING NO REFUNDS ONCE A READING HAS BEGUN.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Tarot Mentor, Alchemist, Root Worker, Member of the Brotherhood of Light


I’m a natural born reader. With 20 tarot and oracle decks, I am fully prepared to answer all of your pressing questions. Each of my decks and crystals offer a precise energy and attitude to assist you in your growth and development. I look forward to connecting with you and seeing you on your way to greatness!

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