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My services are but not limited to love/relationships if you have questions about your love life if he or she is the one for you? Has my lover/partner been faithful? What are they feeling for me what are there thoughts? I Am able to Connect and tap into the energy of this individual to reveal there true intensions/feelings! Do you sometimes feel like your feet are stuck like you are just unsure of what direction to take in life should you move is it the right time to take that job? You seem to always second guess your decisions allow me to give you peace of mind and clarity into your decisions and thought with the help of your spirt guides to help guide you into your destiny! Have you been experiencing negative thoughts and emotions you are not alone I can help guide you back into positive energy and emotions you are not alone I am here to help you and i look forward to meeting you!

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Received My Masters Degree At U.M.S! There I Studied Consciousness In Intimate Relationships, Unconditional love, Long Distance Aura Viewing, Long Distance Vibrational Healing, Also Studied How To Find Your Life’s Purpose, Spiritual Counseling, Spiritual Symbols & Colors, Fasting Connecting With Angels, Attracting Energy of Money Manifestation Skills, Dreams Interpretation, Healing Of The Inner Child, Communication Skills, Sexual Identity & Spirituailty, Soulmate Connections & How To Identify Your Soulmate, Meditation Sessions And Breathing Techniques For Meditation, Candle Work, Spiritual Work Through Your Spirt Guides And Angels!


Hello I’m Vanessa Please Allow Me to Make My Services Clear To All My Potential Future Clients. I Will Never Comfort You With What It Is That You Want To Hear! I Am Sorry But You Came To The Wrong Place! All Of My Readings Are Direct Honest Strait Forward But Also Done With Love And Compassion! With My Gifts I Am Able To Connect And Tap Into Your Energy And Vibrations Of You And Those Around You! Want To Know What It Is That Is Holding your lover/partner back from you i am able to see and connect into the thought and emotions and feelings of your loved one so we can get straight to the point of the problem that is holding your partner/lover from you! do you need guidance and clarity in what direction to take should you take that leap of faith and follow your heart and go after that dream job or is fear and uncertainty clouding your judgement? I can help guide you out of that cloud of uncertainty with the divine help of your spirt guides and angels do not let fear hold you back anymore and make you feel stuck find peace of mind and inner joy with the freedom of making decisions that will lead you into your destiny ! I have been known to restore balance and peace of mind in relationships when you are experiencing difficulty’s communicating and understanding one another And when needing to rekindle the passion and love in each other! If you are experiencing negative thoughts are emotions such as depression please don’t be afraid to reach out as I can bring a calm and understanding to the situation you face you are not alone! If you have or and experiencing any of the following above don’t wait one more day remember understanding guidance and clarity is just seconds away when you have a session with me you will always leave feeling lighter and positive about the future! I look forward to reading for you have a blessed day!

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