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Hi :))) I’m of Mexican heritage, now residing all over North America but I grew up in an amazingly cultural and spiritual family. I first noticed my psychic gifts manifesting around age 6. In the beginning I could hear people’s guides and whispers. My grandma taught me how to use my powers and cope with my gift. Around age 14 I realized I was also an empath so that pushed me into learning about energy and how our soul truly works. Thus sent me on a journey with tarot, healing, chakra work, and regressions. I used this time to take courses and eventually learned from really talented witches. At age 27 I started reading for friends and family, after getting comfortable sharing this gift I now ventured onto doing it professionally! Currently at age 36 l’m a single mom with two beautiful teenagers and have managed to turn my gifts into a fruitful fulfilling career helping others. I feel very confident that we can find the best solutions and answers for your quest.

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