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✨Intuitive Tarot & Oracle Reading Directed from Source✨


ATTN: •I will not sugarcoat my readings because I respect my spirit team and Source, even though I have a polite approach to readings •While destiny and karmic energies are at play, so is the energy of free will from you and others involved or connected to your life •I am not held responsible for this blueprint, I am just a messenger out of many. Even I do not know the exact percentage of fate versus free will •My spirit team doesn’t tell me a exact percentage either •I do not do refunds as reading takes energy. ✨•Fire Ox •Taurus Sun, Moon, and Venus •Sagittarius-rising •South node in Pisces •North node in Virgo •Unite the 3D earth realm with the 5D realm •Taroracle readings with influences of Buddhism/Taoism/New Age. ✨After name[s] & DOB[s], I start with 2 tarot cards & channel them during introductory time. IF IT RESONATES: I let my client choose to continue and I charge per minute. IF NOT: the client chooses another reader. ✨THANK YOU ☺️ HAVE A NICE DAY

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

TOOLS USED FOR EVERY BITWINE READING •Thoth Tarot Deck •Urban Tarot Deck •Moonology Oracle Deck •Starseed Oracle Deck •A candle and/or incense (lit every reading) •Ametrine/Jasper/Smokey Quartz ✨PSYCHIC STRENGTHS IN ORDER •clairaudient •clairsentient •clairvoyant ✨STUDIED EASTERN PHILOSOPHY •Buddhism •Taoism ✨BACHELOR OF ARTS IN ENGLISH •symbolism •dream interpretation •the collective unconscious (Jung) •the repressed subconscious (Freud) •fast typist ✨VIETNAMESE-CHINESE MAHAYANA BUDDHIST •born and raised


✨I am a quick typist, and I deliver messages from my spirit guides with a grounded approach. I venerate my ancestors and spirit guides everyday at my Buddhist altar, and I take channeling seriously to the point that I guarantee that a candle or incense stick IS LIT for every reading I do for clients. Some deals are promoted, depending on my availability. ✨I have been a lifelong empath with clairaudient and clairvoyant tendencies from toddlerhood to adulthood. Tarot and oracle cards organize visions. I read into past, present, and future energies. When it comes to future predictions that I have done for people, I would say my accuracy is on average, 85% accurate. ✨When I first did tarot on one of my friends, I happened to touch on a specific struggle she was going through in relation to finances and co-workers. Since then, I have performed tarot and oracle readings for both my friends and my clients independently on Instagram. Sometimes I find that I can pick up on specific details of their life, such as a love interest having a Mercedes -Benz, a client having a pineapple lamp, or their ice-cream eating hobby with their loved ones, either from the past or present. I decided to join all the talented and wonderful psychics here to aid more people outside of the Instagram network. ✨

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