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My gift came to me as a child when I could see advertisements in dreams, and I drew my first tarot by hand, I could feel the emotions of my family and friends, so I started this path and my studies. I am a certified ✨ Astrologer ✨, Psychotherapeutic tarot reader, life coach, and neurolinguistic programmer with 12 years of experience. Here you will find a professional service where you will not only resolve your doubts and concerns, but I will teach you how to program your mind so that you can achieve all your goals of success, money and love in your life, as well as heal the conflicting emotions that cause emoti

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⚜️Tarot ⚜️Oracles ⚜️ Angelic messages ⚜️ Akasik records ⚜️Biorhythms ⚜️ Neurolinguistic programming ⚜️meditation ⚜️ Healing childhood wounds to find the ideal love ⚜️astral chart ⚜️astral synastry


20 years with tarot and heal 10 years in astrology

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Languages: english, spanish

Media: Audio Call, Video Call

Local Time: (GMT-05:00) June 17, 2024, 10:42PM

Location: Colombia  (Find on Google Maps)

Price per Minute: Free! My $10 deal:

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