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1. Please give me your name or names involved in question. I need to be able to connect to you and the people involved and cannot connect to an imaginary or general person

2. Birthdates do help as well, but again I need names. (This was just to make sure you were paying attention lol)

3. Please ask a clear and concise question. I cannot ask your guides, spirits, or use the cards to their best ability if the question/situation is not clear. This will waste not only your money, but time as well when I could be connecting to your situation in the beginning of our chat.

I provide tarot and intuitive readings in a clear and concise manner. I access clarity for your situation in a straightforward way. I do not sugarcoat or feed you lies. The cards guide me to your answer and once again, I provide clarity and honest responses to help guide you to the best outcome for you and who you ask for.

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