I will bring you the clarity you need to follow your path. LOVE & CAREER expert, Honest and Straightforward!


I deliver truth and honesty in a calm and cool manner. I get confirmation during my readings by clients giving verbally validation and also from physical sensations. I am here to guide you to make the best decisions for yourself, to bring you hope, happiness, feel calm, and learn something new about yourself. I have been through many battles in my life, some I won, and some I lost. But even with my struggles, I am a very positive, outgoing and straightforward person I am looking forward to talk about one of these topics with you:

Career and Work/ Love, Relationships & Sex/ Life Coaching/ Family Advice

I can greatly assist you in dealing With Anxiety, Soulmate Reading, Life Path, Naturopathy, and Spiritual Guidance. I can provide basic and in-depth Answers to your “Will he/she come back?”, “Is my partner faithful?”, “Am I on the correct way for my career?” questions. I know how confusing life can be, and I work hard to ensure that my clients get the clarity they need to follow their path.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I believe that tarot are a reflection of what we already know and they guide us to make the best decisions for ourself.

They always give us an ESTIMATION of time but never an exact date and most important we have always to consider the FREE WILL which can always change things. I believe that WE have the power in our LIVES and so we have to do everything we can to make our dreams come true.

I have the Reiki second level activation, which helps me to be connected with you using the energies and it helps me to heal your soul.

I know how confusing life can be, and I work hard to ensure that you get the clarity you need to follow your path. Readings are supposed to enlighten, confirm and uplift. By learning the truth and gaining peace of mind, you are now pointed in the right direction.


°More than 10 Years Experience °Reiki Second Level °Life Coach °Tarot Reader °Money, Luck, Career and Work °Relationships & Sex, Life Coaching

°°°Readings are for entertainment purposes only!°°°

°°°SPECIAL REIKI°°° As a Reiki Practitioner, I am able to perform a distant Reiki Session to heal yourself. Reiki is a universal energy so it has no limits, no barriers, it can go trough walls, mountains and oceans. Weather you need to balance you chakras or heal your soul or your body, I am here to help you. I will perform a 30 minute reiki session only for you and what you will have to do is just to relax and feel connected with me!

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