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Mystic Shelly rules of services for 2022 when your spiritual reading with me ends and if you have questions email me the way I do all of my reading is my spirit guides, and they tap into the energies around your reading. I will not give back-to-back readings over the same questions. What is present in your life is how it is, so don’t keep asking me or letting me know what other readers are saying. I can’t and will not answer for anyone else but my team. Things in life can and will change without notice. If there are learning lessons coming out of your reading it will happen no changing only time things can be changed is free will and choices. Having faith and letting things work out will help so much. With all positive feedback left, I will take the time to offer free min. Feel free to ask me about my Spirit Guides and my spiritual work and what I offer. God is the only one who knows the final outcome.

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Mystic Shelly is a Best American Psychic over the past 20 years and plus I have been working all over the world. Mystic Shelly is a natural-born Spiritual Life Coach, Shelley reads your energy and from this certain truths are made available to her from source to source. Hers to yours and back again. Shelly brings light and energy to your situations-past, present, and future. After a reading, many comments on how grounded and stable their energies feel.


Mystic Shelly is a Best American Psychic and also has International psychic experience. Reiki Master. Worldwide happy clients. World-renown psychic medium.

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