Letecia Price

Life Coach / Empath


Welcome everyone,

My name is Letecia, and I am gifted with the ability to deeply sense what other people are feeling, thinking, wanting, doing, suppressing etc..

Using discernment, I guide conversations to restore truth, direction, freedom, love, joy, power and fulfilment back in to peoples’ lives.

Together, we will explore, unlock, release and find that missing peace! ;)

I won’t read futures or fortunes. We each have endless opportunity, in every single moment, and helping close one self off to them is counter productive of why I am here.

I use no tools to connect. I relay what I feel, hear and see.


I know too, the feeling of despair, confusion, pain, dissatisfaction, of being afraid, annoyed, curious etc…

I have done over 10 years of research and practise in all things: Body Mind & Soul. And began coaching people online 7 years ago with eagerness to help, teach and preach.

I am very grateful and humbled for all of you here. Inspiring me, teaching me, and encouraging me too. You are beautiful, so loved, worthy and ready for an enriched, full and happy life! <3

- Love always!

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