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Frustrated, Lonely, Frightened? You are NOT alone! YOU have all the tools to change your life, let me help you find the path back to lost happiness.

It is a terrible sensation to feel like you’ve missed out on life’s opportunites. Where did the time go? Your life is NOT over! The time is HERE, and NOW, start living!

I am a caring and completely non-judgemental listener that wants to help you let go of the past, and live in the NOW. Free yourself from the burden of guilt, and start feeling GREAT Overweight, stressed, drinking too much, taking drugs, worried about money, depressed, living in squalor? STOP punishing yourself, and start loving the unique person that is YOU.

Let me use my empathic abilities to do a reading for you, for past as well as future insights.

I will not waste your time. I am an articulate, very fast typist. With free time to connect, I want you to feel completely comfortable that you are truly benefitting from our time together. That is my promise to you.

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BFA, Energy Healer, Motivational Mentor, Tarot Card Reader


I have travelled down many paths of sorrow. I know from personal experience how you feel, I know the games and torture we put ourselves through, and I also know the way back to Heal Your Soul.

I’ve been reading the Tarot for 15 years, and will do a reading for you to provide further clarity to a situation.

My empathic ability was obvious to all at a very young age, and later led me to a career in the fine arts. As an artist, I was able to give form to my sensitivity, and learned to help people drop their barriers in communication, revealing truths and blockages they didn’t even know they had. I have traveled to many countries, learning from scholars and indigenous people alike. The human family is my family. I love people and want to make a positive difference. I’ve been running a successful sculpture manufacturing company for 15 years, and started mentoring almost 10 years ago. I also mentor latino people living in the US with issues particular to the difficulties they face.

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