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New Age Tool box full of tools to help you fix and/or work on any aspect of your, money, you name it and you can use one or all tools to get what you need.


Hi there! Thanks to the Universe our paths are crossing…everything happens intentionally! I use a combination of tools and skills to help guide folks with aspects of their life…not only to maybe guide or advise in the right direction but to help you have a better understanding of you; your likes, why you respond a certain way, what you and how you love and what you need. Tools I use are Astrology, Tarot, Runes, psychic channeling, Numerology and even a dash of psychology…I am not old enough to be a sage but I practice New Age and Wiccan and feel Ive earned enough wisdom to use some of that as well. Let me join you in this journey that is your life and support you and guide you…we can do this together and you are SO worth it!

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B.A. Sociology/Women’s Studies M.A. Psychology/Sociology 30 years School of Hard Knocks Mother of 3 living children


I am a parent, a partner, a friend, and nearly all the same categories you might be. I have been a spiritualist my entire life and sensitive to the energy of others and the Universe. I have special understanding/knowledge/experience with GLBT, Domestic Violence, Mental Health Disorders and PTSD. I am significantly in tune with people when I meet them and able to channel using my tools of the trade. People have always felt instantly comfortable with me and open up about anything and everything and I have a special talent for getting right down to the core of whatever you need. I am honest, and I won’t be rude, but I will not BS you either…even when a message is hard. I have been practicing for over 30 years with metaphysics, magic and the pieces of life that others do not understand or are afraid of. I know it is my destiny to help others and I love people. I have a healthy sense of humor so if you are sensitive I may not be your girl.

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