Madeline Marie

Psychic Love Advisor


❤️ Love Advice vía Tarot & Astrology

⚜️At the beginning of your reading, I will collect your Birthday info and Topic or Questions that you may have and then I will offer you the best special that I have to match your particular needs.

✨ Tarot Readings: Think of a specific question that you would like to address Or specify that you would like a General reading for insight about your life and near future.
-Astrology Readings and Personalized Forecasts: Your Place of Birth and also the exact time can allow a more specific reading.  If this is regarding a relationship, the other person’s DOB can be helpful as well. Thank you!
✨ For a 1hr in-depth look at your Birth Chart and Transits, I am offering a limited time $120 Special. (Most beneficial if you can include your Birth Time).  This will tell you the road map of your destiny, life, career and love.

❤️ For a 30 minute Consultation regarding your Synastry Chart with a Lover, I am offering a limited time $80 Special.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

⚜️ I am a verified fourth generation Clairvoyant although it may go back further than that. I can take pieces of the unknown to reveal your true situation.


I have been a practicing ✨ Astrologist for 18 years. I do Natal Birth Charts and Synastry (Love Compatibility). I also specialize in Tarot Readings; General & Specific questions. ⏳ I do read based on time lines although from my experience the future is sometimes changeable. I will be very clear as to whether I can see something at a specific time or not, and at times, will guide you as to how to manifest or avoid certain occurrences.

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Languages: English

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