Angelica Rose

Angel Messages,Current Year Numerology Time Line


NO FREE Angel Messages Please read before contacting

I channel directly from the Angels, free of human filters. I become a conduit for their pure loving energies.

I focus on relationships, career, numerology, spiritual development & love in the present time not future predictions or timelines. If I get an answer about a decision already made I will share.

Please note: I don’t read in these areas: black magic, addictions, money problems, criminal cases, or heavy negativity.

What I offer:

Clarity on lessons for enhanced self awareness & spiritual development. Meaning of triple numbers. Improve current relations

Please provide per minute or group minute rate.

AFTER paying provide:

I get birthday(s) AFTER paying to channel angels with you present

Please ask clear questions with minimal amount of story behind the questions.

For RELATIONSHIP questions, provide all birthdays. Include time frames on how long together and/or apart.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Since birth, I can hear, feel and see Angels. I channel them directly without human filters

Author of books, media products, inspirational stickers and an Online series spiritual journey to divine love

Certified Hypnotist

Radio Producer

Minister of Love

Teach Relaxation Classes

Love Coach


PLEASE NOTE: NO REFUNDS NO Free Readings so read carefully make sure I am the appropriate person

Since Birth, Angel can hear, feel and see Angels and Ascended masters. As an Angel Messenger, Angel provides messages from the Angelic Realm and Ascended Masters without human filters.

She can tune in to Angels immediately which is why she starts the Angel Messages after payment.

Angel does energy readings for the current year based on the month & day of client’s birthday.

Angel provides Love Coaching in areas needed.

Angel reads best with those who have an open positive loving heart. Therefore from integrity of what is best, she may refuse to do a reading.

DISCLAIMER: By paying for my service you agree that you are responsible for your life and choices. The Messages come from Pure Love Beings. 

You agree to ensure that at all times all credit card & payment information supplied by you is accurate & you’re fully authorized to use.

You agree not to cancel, charge back, or seek a refund on any basis. You understand all payments are final. I come from love & integrity, please only leave positive reviews

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Languages: English

Media: Audio Call, Video Call

Local Time: (GMT-08:00) April 19, 2024, 12:19PM

Location: Sisters, Oregon  (Find on Google Maps)

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$3.33 per minute (after your approval)

Minutes: 10@$30, 15@$45, 20@$60, 30@$90

My $10 deal:

NEW CLIENT: 1 question for the Angels. Only once