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Hey, I’m Paul. Are you looking for that reading? That one that connects to Yourself; your holistic expression. To Heaven; To an experience unique to your beautiful image? I deeply cherish our connection and look forward to meeting YOU! Your spiritual insights are delivered & designed character by character, card by card, through the utmost faith and joy to serve in hope of bringing you more than just a "reading", rather, a one-of-a-kind experience – always true to you.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I started by reading for friends, family and people who were interested in spiritual reading! I have worked as a professional reader since 2015. I have worked for several apps, telephone and web-based services. Before that, I provided free readings and I built up a clientele whom I began reading for on a rather regular basis; many of which I still read for today.


Please always remember that time frames and our outcomes are paved with Heaven’s free will and step by step through our choices, other people’s actions, and how we go about things. The best spiritual insights and readings that can make you feel "awakened" are most often enjoyed to their extreme by simply putting as little pressure on how we think things should be, but rather, by keeping the thought that "life is happening for me!

Any time frames, foresight or interpretations of the future should always remain humbly approached.

The way I approach reading enables me to help you pave the way toward your desired outcomes and help you explore your gifted life purpose and path! I am uniquely skilled in understanding many different kinds of and sometimes feel the need not to use any – don’t worry, your insights remain unchanged.

Please realise that I do not consider myself a psychic. I can feel and gain insight into things in an empathic and intuitive manner through senses and forms; think of it like different modes of communication in your day-to-day life!

Before connecting with me, I please ask that you pray, affirm, set intentions or do whatever resonates with your beliefs/faith/religion. This is such an important aspect and also helps to centre your energy before commencing your spiritual experience!

God bless, Paul – fluorescentglow

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