Lejla Kristal

Lejla Kristal


Will my ex come back? When will I marry? Does she/he love me? Am I a victim of bad spell? Will my love contact me? When will get my new job? How to make my business more successful? I will help you with your burning dilemmas. Start solving your problems now. Only you can help yourself get better. I am here for you, I want to help you to find your happiness.

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Who is Lejla Kristal? Lejla is a lady, who is born with a special talent. Since she was a young girl, her grandmother Ena, a local prophet, was teaching her secrets of Tarot, Crystals and Magic spells. For the 18th birthday, she received a Quartz ball, which activated her third eye. From that moment on, she began to get strong visions of people, the events of unknown people.

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