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Thank you for considering me for your time. I hope that you are safe and well and hope to answer your question as best and as soon as possible. This can be a reading with or without cards; and/or can be 1 or 10 cards depending on the question and concern. If you have any questions, or need help feeling creative and inspired, or need help just getting through the day, then say hello! ☀ I do not read for "divination" because I cannot tell the future. I believe we can try to ‘divine’ the future; it is not too good to be true. I try to point out symbolism that may give a creative way of thinking about the question. The process of how I read will continue beyond just the cards or birthday or birth chart reading and will have a lot to do with the questions that come up as we progress our conversation and I got to connect and understand your question. This moment is to allow an objective opinion and see the questions unfold. I believe that "psychic" tools can give creative solutions to a question.


I have been reading tarot and studying astrology for +8 years. I think tarot as a form of Meditation and it has helped me understand who I am not and who I can become.

I look forward to our conversation and feel inclined to disclaim that our conversation is not to give you the "right" answer because I am a human who has made terrible mistakes and wants to try to right some wrongs.

I hope to share in experiences and understand with others in hope’s that you don’t feel stuck in your situation right now.

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