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Indigo Moon


► Lost and Confused about which choice to make?

► Need some Clarity?

► A nudge in the right direction?

► Some soul healing, perhaps?

► Or maybe just in need of some intuitive guidance?

  • I can help you find answers and solutions for issues pertaining to:

⭐️ Love & Relationships ⭐️ Career & Finance ⭐️ Soul Path ⭐️ Quantum Healing ⭐️ Personal Transformation ⭐️ Past Lives ⭐️ Karmic Issues ⭐️ Subconscious Blocks and Patterns ⭐️ Energy Re-Balancing

I will show you with clarity what I see in your past, present, and future based on your current energies.

The future is malleable and you have the power to change it. With the proper guidance, you will be the master of your destiny.

► NO questions about death, health, legal advice, and speaking to deceased loved ones.

► I do not predict timelines / time frames. Time is non linear. Free will and other factors can always expedite or defer things from happening.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

⭐️ Crystal Therapist

⭐️ Certified Gendai Reiki-Ho Practitioner

⭐️ Certified Seraphim Blueprint Practitioner Levels 1 -6 and all Advanced Levels

⭐️ Certified Tarosophy Tarot Reader

⭐️ Akashic Records Reader

⭐️ MS Clinical Psychology


Here’s my story…

⭐️ I am natural born empath and intuitive. I have lived countless lives as different beings, gaining knowledge and skills to assist me in helping others.

⭐️ I work with the light and have a direct connection to God, your higher self, and your guides.

⭐️ I am a Reiki Master and Crystal Therapist.

⭐️ I practice various forms of divination such as Tarot, Runes, and Scrying.

⭐️ I am clairvoyant, claircognizant, clairsentient, and clairaudient.

I have been helping people for over 12 years to reconcile differences between their hearts, minds, and spirits.

Sometimes life doesn’t make sense, peeling layer upon layer before uncovering the truth.

I can help you get to the root of the issue so you can start living your life the way it’s meant to be, right now. ♥

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