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17 years of experience Reading Relationships – Rituals to strengthen sentimental bonds . Honesty and clarity to your questions, concrete answers. Baptized and initiated in the Gypsy Way, under the protection of my Patron Saint Sara Kali and my Astral Gypsies, I fulfill my service of offering help to whoever needs it in the following areas: Reading of Letters and Oracles (Raider, Druidcraft, Illuminati, Osho Zen, Blue Oracle, Gypsy Letters, Oracle of the Tao) ☀Armonizaciones with Radiestesia (Pendulum) and Energetic Techniques (Reiki, Aqualead, Arcturian Techniques, Apometry). ⭐Limpiezas and Protection of People, Businesses and Situations (such as family relationships or conflicts, job interviews, etc.) I perform harmonizations of people, places and situations, ✂Corte of Karmic Ties with Energetic Therapy. Therapeutic Tarot. Special readings with complex schemes to deepen in the consulted topic. I do not carry out energetic works

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Languages: Español , Italiano , Ingles

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