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My readings are a synthesis of Claircognizant, Clairvoyant & Clairaudient Psychic impressions, delivered with compassion, and wisdom. I am also a Transpersonal Healer and Angel Healing Therapist. Clients who may be looking to understand and heal a current situation in their life; I can help them examine their relationships, their career and any other area of their life through her gifts as an intuitive, empathic counselor. I can work without any tools through your & my own guides along with arch angels to help you. My goal is to empower you with the information I receives through spirit guides and angels, to uplift you with the truth, and inspire you to embrace your future. Speaking with me is like a having a conversation with a close friend who understands your situation intimately. You’ll find me nonjudgmental.When I attunes with my intuitive abilities, I can help you discern your best choices to achieve your goal. Need a view to the truth? CALL ME NOW !!

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A Passion for Psychic Development / Development Circles

Advanced Mediumship Certification, Arthur Findlay College, UK Sitting in the Power Certification course, CSNU Minister Colin Bates The Empowered Medium, CSNU Minister Colin Bates Advanced Angel Tarot Card Reading Course, Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine Introduction to Spiritualism, Rev Mary of GBSC Church, Boston, MA Mediumship Development Circle, Rev Mary of GBSC Church, Boston, MA Online Psychic Reading & Mediumship Development Circle, CSNU Minister Colin Bates Psychic Portals & Soul Discoveries, James Van Praagh Introduction to Mediumship, Gordon Smith


Examples of some of my long standing clients & situations I dealt with as a trusted advisor:  Finding a long lost family member: Helped in locating a long lost father of a Spanish acquaintaince. Her father had vanished under mysterious circumstances from his home with no contact with his wife or family in Venezuela. Helped her locate her father in Argentina and bring him back to Venezuela to reunite him with his family. Now I am more than a family member to them and she never forgets to invite me on any occasion.  Finding soulmate relationships: A lady of Asian origin with a million dollar home called in great distress after calling the police and getting her husband of 22 yrs arrested after a fight they had following domestic voilence. She had been putting up with this for 22 yrs but after this incident everything in her life was at stake and she had nowhere to turn to. I helped her get her life back on track by channeling information from spirit guides. Now she has a happy life with a new soulmate less than 6 months from that incident and I am glad that universe allowed me to be of service to her in her times of need.  Transforming toxic relationships at work: I have numerous clients from corporate America who seek guidance from time to time on how to navigate toxic relationships with bosses, on projects and rise up in their careers. They are repeat clients of mine and call me often for advise as they realise results using the guidance they get from my readings and find a way forward.  Healing StageVI Cancer patients: Some of my long standing clients were diagonosed with Stage VI cancers and have benefited in more ways than one from spiritual healing and counselling. Have learned meditation techniques and how to work with angels to guide them on their path and heal & recover from there health conditions.  Healing a premature baby who had no hope of surviving: Again a referral from Facebook, a young mom of twins contacted me in great pain for healing for her son, a premature child who was not gaining weight as he used to vomit a dozen times daily; he had to undergo surgery to get a feeding tube placed and that too invain in having him gain weight and doctors couldn’t find a cause medically for all this after 7 months of tests. Universe brought her to me and I helped her to work with archangels on a daily basis to heal herself and her son and taught her law of attraction and how it works and results were amazing. The boy started eating by mouth in a month’s time. Psychic Experience

 Psychic Advisor  Clairvoyant  Clairaudient  Claircognizant  Mediumship  Trans Channeling  Knowledge of Crystals  Knowledge of Power of Color  Knowedge of the Kabbalah  Knowledge of Vortex Sites  Knowledge of Sanskrit Mantra Chanting  Angels, Angel healing, Angel Numbers, Angel Tarot Cards  Energy Clearing and Healing  Dowsing / Pendulum work  Spiritual Counselor  Meditation Techniques

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