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Hello! Thank you for being here. My name is Lucas, I’m a Relationship Problem-Solver, Psychic Advisor and Tarot reader. Through my years of experience helping people, I’ve learned that most of our problems are linked to our relationships, be it the one we have with ourselves, our families or our romantic interests. By being a facilitator for you to solve your relationship problems I can actively help you on building the life you deserve. I will be honored to use my abilities and experience to guide you on your way to more joy, love, abundance and clarity on your problems and how to act in the present to achieve the future of your dreams. I am waiting for you!

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I’m just the right professional if you would like to discover what can you do STARTING NOW in order to change your life and actually ATTRACT AND BUILD the relationships you want and deserve. I might not be the right choice if you are looking for fairy-tale readings or for someone who will tell you the date and time you will meet your soulmate or how he or she will look like. Besides using the Tarot and Lenormand cards, I am Clairsentient(I frequently just know things, without knowing how) and Clairvoyant(I see things that give me insight), psychic abilities that strongly help my work.

The more open you are, the better the connection will be. Objective questions, get objective answers. The more context I have, the more insight I can give back to you. Keep in mind that I am a Psychic indeed but I am neither all-knowing nor error proof, so sometimes there will indeed be situations I can’t see or tap into.


Becoming a Psychic Advisor was never my plan. Surprising, huh? It wasn’t. I never thought I was gifted enough, mystical enough, "evolved" enough. But my psychic abilities were always there, guiding me and helping me guide others. Life kept trying to steer me in this direction and I dodged. The responsibility seemed too great, and it still is but it is also an honor. And I always had this "’keep it real’’ point of view that brought clarity to others and I was this person who was always there, providing insights and direction to other people whenever I could. In about ten years helping people, in so many different ways, I’ve realized that life doesn’t give a damn about our plans. I never planned, never even in my wildest dreams did I think of being a professional Psychic Advisor, and here I am, LOVING IT and ROCKING IT. This is the person you are going to get in your reading: a funny, down-to-earth, kind and honest… human. Everything I tell you, even if it is not pleasant to hear, will come from the heart and is said with love, so rest assured that it is for your highest good.

☆ I reserve myself the right of not answering questions regarding medical/health, legal or investment matters.

☆ I reserve myself the right to not perform the reading if I don’t feel the connection or if I realize I don’t have enough of the necessary context/info to give you meaningful and excellent guidance.

☆ I’m Brazilian, and I can make readings in English and Português!

☆ I do not offer refunds, no matter the circunstances.

☆ By engaging in a reading you are fully agreeing with the terms in this profile and from Bitwine Inc.

☆ You confirm that you are the owner and have all the rights to the Bitwine and Paypal accounts and to the credit cards and funds used to pay for the reading.

☆ For entertainment purposes only.

☆ If you are in need of urgent mental health help, please call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

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