EsoTarot Da Cane

⭐️ Shamanic Medium ⭐️


Nothing matters more to me than using my gifts & abilities to share abundant compassion, patience, grace & genuine love ❤️ with others.

⭐️I live to heal people & I love to do it!⭐️

Allow me to help you free your energetic soul from the limitations imposed by your body/habits & nurtured environments that are no longer serving your deepest sense of self…

Feel free to ask me for whatever is on your heart that you need!

I DO NOT OFFER TIMEFRAMES! Timeframes can corrupt intention, focus, & the synchronicity aspect required for life to flow freely in many situations.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Certifications received in Tarot Reading. I am a Teacher of Elder Futhark Runes & Tarot. Certifications received in Astrology.

Will receive NCGR Level I certification in 2020

Will receive Certifications for Mediumship Levels I, II, & III & become a Tested-As-Legitimate Certified Medium in 2020

What exactly do these certifications mean??? It shows you that I take my services & your needs seriously & that I am aware that being gifted does not equal knowing everything…

❤️You can also see that I will continue expanding my knowledge & capabilities to serve you in the most qualified manner❤️


I know what it feels like to be searching for answers & advice from someone that can provide insight to carry you through a troubling experience that doesn’t have a personal agenda or jaded perspective & I know what it feels like to never find it…I am here to extend the endless love of the universe in whatever way you may need it most.❤️

Seriously…I was born to provide healing for others it just took me too long to figure out how…

❤️In my opinion, the greatest gift and one of the hardest things to both give and receive is THE TRUTH❤️

⭐️11 years Astrology⭐️

⭐️6 years Reading Tarot⭐️

⭐️18 years Dream Analysis⭐️

⭐️11 years Domestic Violence Survivor & DV Counselor⭐️

For my entire life, even as a child, people of ALL ages felt that they could come to me for advice & have always said I have an old & wise spirit.

❤️Despite my age, I have been able to provide healing & closure across generations❤️

I naturally attract people that are in need of Spiritual Guidance & Spiritual Counsel to help them on their Spiritual journey. I have more than 15 years of experience counseling & advising people of ALL ages & various walks of life.

For career & life-purpose life-path readings & ALL astrology readings I require your full name, date of birth, time of birth & location of birth. A $10 deposit to cast your birth chart & reserve a follow-up appointment 24-72 hours after your information has been received.

❤️I type in length so do be patient❤️



❤️ ADVICE ❤️ Please come to me prepared for THE TRUTH & with PATIENCE & OPENNESS for what the universe may have for you❤️

❤️ I DO NOT DO TIMEFRAMES ❤️ if the universe sees fit to give me a timeframe for you, I will definitely tell you!❤️

I HAVE EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE IN THE FOLLOWING: BPD, NPD, ADD, enforcing boundaries, self-protection, self-discipline, discussing troubling issues peacefully❤️, negative self-talk, healing from past traumas & abuses of all types: physical, spiritual, psychological, financial, emotional, social, & sexual abuses. Sexual healing, energetic ties & etheric cord-cutting, generational curses, psychic vampirism: oppression, depression, loss & lack of personal power or volitions. Alchemically altering victimhood/martyrdom mindsets, damaged/broken heart, healing, cleansing, clearing & restoration of-base chakra, sacral chakra & solar/personal power chakra, low energy, changing habits & pursuing goals, separation anxieties, abandonment/clingy/fear of being alone❤️, building the strength to leave & freeing your energetic soul from the life elements that no longer serve your deepest sense of self…❤️

LEGALLY REQUIRED:❤️ MuST BE 18 ❤️Readings are for educational & entertainment purposes ONLY! I am not qualified to give any medical or legal advice including pregnancies! No readings regarding lottery or gambling

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