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Honest & Accurate Tarot Readings: You can ask me anything during our readings, I have 9 years experience with the Tarot and use many decks to get you the most accurate and reliable information. Love & Relationships/Sex and Cheating/True intention & hidden feelings/Ex partners & mind reading/Soulmates and Twinflames/ Divorce and Breakups/

**Tarot Readings are a very spiritual experience.Please be aware getting multiple readings from multiple readers will change the course of your future**

Spell Cost?: 25.00 requirement for items used. and from there I let the client choose their price for the spell they need. The more costly the spell, the more exotic and powerful items I can use. This is a very spiritual service and I like to allow the clients that freedom to choose a price that feels right. This way its more of a spiritually lead contribution.

REFUND POLICY : There will be NO REFUNDS. by purchasing a reading you agree to pay for services rendered.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Licensed Life Coach (Masters degree) Licensed Dating & Relationships Coach (Masters) Natural Empath and Psychic (Tested & Certified) Expert Tarot Reader 3rd Generation witch


If you are having issues with any of the things listed below please reach out to me so that we can get you back on track!

Tarot readings will help you with these things:

If you need clarity on your life, finances, career, relationship, future.

If you have a decision to make and you need to know the outcomes of all possible choices.

If you want to look into how someone truly feels about you.

If you need to know if someone is loyal to you.

If you need to know if your partner is the one.

If you feel something is off but you are unsure what it is (this is a sign you just don’t understand it, the tarot can help!)

If you are needing to know what career path to choose.

If you need to know about how your court date will go.

If you need to check on someone.

If you need to connect with a passed loved one.

If you need a timeframe for when your soulmate is coming.

Spells will change these things for you:

If you are single and wanting to attract your soulmate.

If you are currently in a relationship and would like to ensure the connection stays strong.

If you are wanting your current relationship to end naturally so that you can find your true love.

If you have an ex you would to return to your life.


If you need a financial boost

If you have your own company and need clientele and income.

If you are struggling with debt.

If you need a new career.

If you want a promotion or raise.

If you need synchronicity at your current job.

If you need a house or car with specific needs.

Psychic Awakening

If you need a sign from your guides.

If you need your 3rd eye opened.

If you want your psychic abilities to grow stronger.

If you need your Chakras Aligned

If you need your aura cleansed

If you need a negative energy banished from you.

I have helped many clients with love and finances over the years. I have brought people back together, helped people find their soulmates and even ended relationships that were not meant to be. I have had high success rates with small businesses and individuals looking to expand their reach and bring in the income.

I have spent many years helping other get in touch with their own psychic abilities by opening the 3rd eye and cleansing their aura’s.

Coaching will change these things for you:

If you have Bad uncontrollable habits.

If you find yourself in repeated patterns.

If you have unhealthy thoughts about yourself and others.

If you struggle weight loss or gain.

If you suffer from depression.

If you commonly find yourself in unhealthy relationships.

If you self doubt yourself and its holding you back.

If you procrastinate and it interferes with your everyday life.

If you struggle with addiction.

If you struggle with anxiety

and much much more anything you want to change about yourself is achievable!!!! Start a session with me today and have 3 minutes free to begin!

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