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Welcome to your confidential, judgment-free zone. You are safe, loved, and supported here. Always. I am a natural empath with strong psychic abilities. My goal is to help people find their true purpose and balance their life through the knowledge of the tarot and help from spirit.

When getting a reading with me you can expect lots of deep detailed information. I can read what people are thinking, feeling and where their path has led them and where it is taking them.

I am a clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient healer who uses the tarot cards, pendulums, angel messages, runes, crystals and intuitive dice to connect to your higher self and guides.

IS IT OVER? What is on their mind? Are they in your future? GET TRUE ANSWERS NOW

If you are interested in enhancing your own psychic powers, healing your chakras and helping yourself achieve your biggest dreams reach out to me about your specific desires and goals so we can work out a success plan today!

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

15 years Professional Tarot Reader

Certified Life Coach Certified Reiki Master Level Animal Reiki Crystal Reiki

Tarot Readings Topics


Career-promotions,demotions,coworkers & boss



Law-court outcomes, mindreading

Marriage- partner reveal, timeframe

Mind Reading-true feelings reveal

Deception and cheating detection

Chakra Healing and balancing

Meditation and Manifestation Sessions

Angel Messages and Healing Sessions


I have 15 years experience with professional readings, I have been trained in America and internationally over the course of my lifetime and have been ordained an oracle. I have been working with white energy and magick for 19 years. I am an empath and medium with psychic abilities gifted through my guides/angels since I was very young. With age I have gained much knowledge in Astrology,Astronomy, Tarot, the occult, Spirituality, numerology and I am a certified chakra healer and life coach.

I will read in detail on topics like Sex, Marriage, Life Long reading, Long term time frames, Dates and Future Predictions.


NOTE: NO REFUND IN ANY CASE, WHAT EVER IT MAY BE. (Please make sure that you accept and approve this as I do make the effort which takes energy from me)

Please do not expect all good insight I will present warnings to help you if I see them. They are not to hurt you, but to protect you and help you navigate around them.

Also know you have the power of manifestation, you can change anything presented before you. But to be clear, I will not lie to make you feel good or provide insights to be according to how you want it to be. It will be truth and it may differ from how you expect.

Terms Of Service:

Readings are for entertainment purposes only. Outcomes & timeframes, whether expressed or implied, have no guarantee. Clients are 100% in control of their own life choices & actions; therefore, my readings should never replace or override your own good judgment and common sense. Nor are they intended to replace medical or legal advice. I Satine Star offer a professional service wherein clients pay for the Time & Energy I use to Channel & Deliver Insight during sessions. A copy of our chat conversation is emailed to clients upon closing sessions, providing a tangible record of service.

All Sales Are Final.

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