Your Tarot of Truth

Your Tarot Of Truth


Using tarot I am able to tap into the heart of the matter and give you insight into any question, in any area of life. I can get a clear picture of the cause, the background, the current situation and the outcome. I only believe in telling you what I feel and what the cards reveal, I will not sugar coat anything, what I see, is what you will get. I will give you timeframes too.

When I was 7 years old tarot cards and playing cards came through my letter box. It was not until I was a teenager that I understood the relevance of the gift that was sent to me randomly without any note from the sender. As a child I had many supernatural experiences and then started to develop my psychic abilities with my aunty – meditating, tarot reading, and using crystals to heal and protect. Throughout the years I have had premonitions that have come true, read cards both professionally and for for friends, practiced and lived by astrology and used my clairsentient ability to guide me and others down an enlightened path.


I have been reading tarot and giving pyschic readings for over twenty years. I have also featured on an international site where I have given over 8000 readings with great success and many return clients.

The cards never lie, you will be coming back again and again!

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