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Description: Hello, my name is Bella ❤ Healing Love specialist Life Coach Intuitive Empath Energy work Career and Finance Psychic, Sex Manifestations and Attractions I am a natural born psychic and certified Master Reiki Healer.

General Readings: $10 5 minute $20 15 minutes $30 25 minutes $50 1 hour reading

$60 flat rate Mediumship Reading, recieve messages from spirit guides or past loved ones. There is no time limit on a mediumship reading, as I do go into a meditative state and it is a longer process for mediumship.
$30 For distant Reiki Healing. Includes Scan and attunment. If you have a specific healing you need focused on please let me know, other wise I will pick up what healing needs to be perfomed during scan.
CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Certified Usui Master Reiki Healer. Nartural born psychic medium. Energy work, psychopomp.


I have had natural abilities since I was a child. Interacting with ETs tellepathically, and Angels. I started my occult studys at the age of 12, wanting answers to why I could see and feel spirits, and predict when things would happen around me. I have been in contact with extraterrestials my whole life and have a great understanding of our universe and how energy works, how we are all connected. As I got older I started to use my abilities to help others. I can be found on many psychic platforms, and social media outlets, and also manage my own psychic business myself. I will be starting to do monthly zodiac readings on youtube soon, I will keep you posted for the attached link.

NO free Readings. No money back.Respect my time and energy. Do not come with a skeptical or negative energy as it will reflect in your reading.I will not connect with negative energy as to protect myself. I am honest, and will bring clarity to your life.

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