Would you like to know, what the coming months will bring for your love life, work & finances? Will you travel, move away or get married? Ask me & I will find out for you. I will be able to give you advice & help you decide what your next steps can look like.

It fills my heart with so much joy to help people on their path through life. There is nothing better than being able to support someone during a time of struggle, with something I love to do more than anything.

$10 deal for new clients:

❤️$10 = 5 min

Deals for returning clients:

❤️$36 = 10 min

(Save over $19 compared to the regular timer.)

❤️$68 = 20 min

(Save over $42 compared to the regular timer.)

❤️pay only for the time you use: $5.50/min

I do not offer free readings. Please respect my time, as I value yours.

It takes many years of study, to interpret the tarot cards. I prepare for my readings with daily meditations, in order to connect to the divine and create a safe space for our reading together.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:


Certified Reiki Master


Book a distance Reiki session with me.

Feel free to inquire about a distance Reiki session via chat or the message section of Bitwine. We can discuss the details and set an appointment for your Reiki session. To finalize your booking and send the payment, please start a chat and follow the payment request. The session will be given remotely at the set appointment time. After your session, feel free to message and discuss any feelings and emotions that came up during the session.


Pre-session chat: 10 min

Remote Reiki session: 30 min

Post-session chat: 10 min

Price: $99

Please inquire about an appointment!




Please do not enter a reading with me, if you would not be able to handle bad news. I will be able to see how a person truly feels about you. I am not talking about their words ("but he said he loved me…"), but their true feelings, the energy of their heart and soul. Both of these things may or may not match. If you are only willing to accept fluffy messages, I am not your tarot reader. Please move on to someone who is more suitable for you. Otherwise, I am here for you.



You are paying for my time, not for a seemingly positive reading. I will not tell you about a "rainbows and sunshine" future but about what I see coming at this point in time. Those are the energies of the situation right now, coming from other people’s feelings, intentions, and plans. The future is never set in stone. Plans can change, intentions can be altered, perspectives can be shifted. If there is a seemingly negative event ahead of you, oftentimes you will still have time to adjust your actions and fix it. Just remember that you cannot alter anyone’s feelings for you, but this means that person was not meant for you in the first place and your soulmate is still out there searching for you as well! Let’s find out together, what you can do to prepare for their arrival in your life.

No refunds, as you are paying for my time.

No timelines since too many other factors come into play. i.e. before x can happen, you first need to heal from y – or you first need to learn lesson z. There is such thing as divine timing. Don’t think you’ll miss out on meeting your soulmate if you’re not being told to go to a party in June. Destiny does not work that way. You will be in the right place at the right time. If anything, you’ll miss out by expecting him behind every corner, because this is the time you are supposed to meet.

Before you chat with me

If you are in emotional distress PLEASE calm down first! Yes, I am "just" reading tarot cards but as an empath, it will influence me if you are freaking out on the other end! I will probably not be able to tell you if you are laughing or crying, but panic will throw off the reading. So please relax! You are in a safe space with me and I am here to help you. Together we can sort things out. Take a few deep breaths, maybe even make a cup of tea and then get in touch with me. I want to solve this as much as you do. That’s what I’m here for.

All the best


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