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I am new to Bitwine but I assure you I am not new to the world of spiritual intuition.

I am a fifth generation empath and life coach. I will tell you the truth and not what I think you want to hear!! Come for the truth and not a sugarcoated reading designed to make you feel good because I do not feel that is what you are seeking. You are seeking the truth.

Is he or she the one? Is my spouse cheating? By utilizing the power of the tarot as well as my own finely tuned intuition I am able to deliver an immediate forecast into your future and to aid you in getting on the path towards your heart’s desires.

The system defaults to a per minute rate if you wish to utilize one of my offers please ask:)

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Using a combination of tarot as well as intuitive guidance, I have successfully been able to assist my clients to take control of their lives and walk the true path towards their desires. I do not judge nor do I offer opinion unless asked. I also do not tell you what you want to hear because that is not what our journey together is about. It is about giving you a true reading in order to guide you towards the proper path. I have helped my clients attain their heart’s desires in romance including turning an FWB into a relationship and even marriage. I have also assisted my clients in choosing the right career path for them as well. I deliver readings with compassion, honesty and dedication and this will be evident in our sessions. Are you finding yourself unsure if you are with the right person or if you have even met your soulmate yet? I welcome you to come and speak with me.


I had not discovered by own intuitive powers until my brother passed away at the age of 13 in September of 2001. Since then, I have performed countless face to face readings as well as readings on various services both on the phone and chat. I have come to Bitwine to share my gift with as large an audience as possible. You may ask me anything without fear of judgement or ridicule and I shall answer not with what you are hoping to hear but rather what you must hear which is the truth.

I will not give you false hope. I look forward to connecting with you.

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