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special price todayDO Not CONTACT TO GET ANY FREE ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS.THERE PERSON WHO LEFT A BAD REVIEW ON MY ACCOUNT WAS ONLY UPSET THAT SHE DIDN’T HEAR WHAT SHE WANTED TO HEAR. NO Refunds In this life time I have mastered the full range of intuitive arts. I depend on my quick Clairvoyance(divine sight)and Clarinetist (divine feeling) to guide you to your highest, best possible outcome. I channel through my Spirit Guides and receive messages to serve you highest good regarding any situation or topic you may have concerns about. I have used my gifts to help over 75,000 people.

If you’re hung up on time frames, I’m not the reader for you. I am here to advise you, help you through your problems and help you grow. I don’t give free readings, nor can I do $5 readings. Don’t ask me to prove myself before you’re willing to pay, by expecting me to tell you a future event. Please note I do not give refunds. If you are not open to hearing the truth about your situation then i am not the one for you

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COME TALK TO ME TODAY TO GET MORE PEACE OF MIND AND LET ME HELP YOU IN YOUR CURRENT SITUATION.NO Refunds Accurate to the point answers!!!Honest,Accurate,No Fairy tales or Sugarcoating! I will tell you what you *need to know and answer all your questions. I will give you clarity and details for your questions. My guides do sometime give me numbers I suggest you write your reading down and see keep it to look back on as thing do unfold around your with the information you do get in my readings. Please have an open heart and mind let your spirit guides lead you in the right direction where you can find happiness and joy everyday not just for a couple of days..


Over 16 years as full-time psychic adviser.

My goal to help others achieve their goals and guide then in a positive, productive, and healthy way. by providing spiritual enlightenment and clarity. Psychic Gigi will work as a guide, clearing any confusion, so informed decisions can be made resulting in a more rich and fulfilling life with complete happiness

No legal, health or pregnancy questions. You will benefit from calling me, have no doubt that when are call ends you will feel a great relief.

I have a utube channel please search psychicgigi I do weekly general readings on there as well
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