After the new moon in Leo, how are you feeling? This new moon made many of us take a step back and instead of sowing seeds for the future physically, we have had to sow them within. Let's see what you can expect through August after going inward!


HEY! I am so glad that you are here! Thank you for taking the time to stop in. I have worked as a psychic/medium for the last sixteen years! I have been blessed to be reading my entire adult life. On this journey, I have worked for several well known psychic websites, where I maintained five star reviews. I have been blessed to be able to use my gifts to help guide those that come to heal and expand in their lives. I work primarily as a clairvoyant, but I also am clairsentient, clairaudient and medium. I don’t use tools unless I am asked, but I am skilled in using tarot cards, the pendulum and runes. I can read most situations. If I cannot connect, I will tell you. I take a lot of pride in being honest, accurate and dependable. I haven’t made it this far in my career because I am anything else. I love my work and I love the folks I get to work with. If you’re looking for real answers and true guidance, let’s connect today.


CloseDegrees and Qualifications:


1. I type in length. So, it normally takes me a few minutes to get a message back over once I start reading. I do not type in small sentences. It is just not me. It is NOT me to give yes/no answers. IF YOU DO NOT WANT THIS OR ARE NOT OK WITH THIS DO NOT PURCHASE FROM ME. You and I both will be quite sad if you do.

2. Please have specific questions ready. I can do general readings, but I feel that readings flow better for you and myself when you just ask what you would like to know. If you genuinely don’t know.. that is OK and I can work with that, but know that you will get more for your buck if you just come out and ask! :)

Time frames are really just guide posts. Please treat them as such. They can and probably will change. The outcome is what matters in the end. I will give time frames, just know they are never set in stone.


I have worked as a professional psychic my entire working life. I knew at a young age I was meant to help other people with my gifts, so I started exploring my gifts and allowing them to grow. I started working as an online psychic when I was 15 (times were much different then lol). I have worked on several well known psychic sites, while maintaining five star reviews. When I was ready, I launched my own very successful practice. I don’t have much time between working the two, but when I do have some extra time, I volunteer my time giving free readings/reiki to those that need it. Helping people change and shape their lives for the better is why I have been in this business so long.

Like I stated above, I cannot and will not always be right. I am human, just like you and just like everyone else. I may misinterpret a message. I may misinterpret something I see. You may not be ready for the message and I may just not get anything. If I stated that I was always right, I would be lying to you. Anyone that says they are.. is lying to you. My job is to try and get as much info as I can about your situation through my gifts to help guide you forward. PLEASE understand that how you handle a situation is ultimately up to you. Not me. Not anyone else. Psychic readings should be like timelines, guide posts. Use them as such, but don’t live by them. I have had many clients bring up a struggle with being addicted to readings or psychics. If this is you, take a step back. Breathe. Look at your situation. No psychic can or will live your life for you. You have to take that control. My job is just to help guide you the best I can.

REFUND POLICY Payment is for my time. I will not willingly refund you unless we have both agreed in text/message that is what is best. If you use the chargeback system in PayPal, I will absolutely not read for you again.

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