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THe TRUTH you deserve! NO GENERIC FLUFF! Divine Insight - Japanese Healing Oracle Answers. Top Love Advisor- Tea Leaf Readings - Real Insight by Lin Xiu. Fast Typist. Allow me to give you a peek into the next chapter! 爱通灵✨


Hi there sweethearts and thank you for clicking my profile! Allow me to guide you throughout every aspect of life without sprinkling over reality. Some readers will give you generic half-hearted copied answers, I will give you straight up insight and the real truth! You come to me in need, I will not misguide you.

My code of honor is to help others! So please allow me the chance to open up your heart, body, soul and mind to a spiritual awakening. After just one session I will fill that empty hole in your heart, bring back what you sought for -or perhaps replace it with something new?!

I am a light-worker natural born Japanese Psychic With connections to the spiritual realm and Love Goddesses from beyond our point of view.

Specializing in all aspects of life. I can guide you if you’re wondering about your Love / Personal Life, Career, Friendships, Family, Addictions, Spiritual Growth, Past Life Regressions, Akashic Records, Tea Leaf readings and other Japanese/Chinese ancient healing remedies. ✨

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:


Top New York City psychic advisor.

Preferred reader for NYFW events.

Have helped missing person cases.

Feature in many NYC blog and newspaper articles

One of Japan’s largest known psychics.

Have studied and worked all across the globe, from Seoul, Japan, London and now based in New York City.

I have a holistic medicine shop where I perform reflexology, Japanese healing remedies and mystical arts such as tarot, chakra balancing and romantic reconnection.

If these are burning questions on your mind below contact me now!

☪Are THEY the one?

☪Will my marriage last?

☪Can you restore lost love?

☪Mend a broken heart?

☪Send someone new my way?

☪Whos my soulmate?

☪What are their true intentions?

☪Where is my life going?

☪Am I making the right or wrong choice?

☪ is negativity blocking my potential?

☪Financial/career forecasting + all other concerns as well!

Terms: No Refunds. I will know if we connect or not within the introductory 3 minutes


I am a intuitive psychic reader and clairvoyant I use tarot or a combination of angel cards for extra clarity but I am seeress and knower.

I am a natural born psychic but also certified tarot reader ,

I offer spiritual healing and love + life guidance.

I intuitively channel guidance and deliver it in a loving but grounded manner.

In my spare time I participate and teach healing workshops making mystical practices available to everyone.

I thrive on helping people get where they want to go in their life, and empowering them to make their most authentic decisions. Not only do I absolutely love this work but I also have extensive training in it.

I’ve Attended a major University of Spiritual Studies, completed my In-Depth Channeling program, and am a certified Reiki Master / Chakra + Crystal Therapist.

-Although I am a natural born seer with bloodline generation of healers dating back centuries ago I’ve underwent intensive training and healing with my superior ancestries and fellow gurus to get the utmost utilization of my gifts.

Some of my gifts include (but not limited to) clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudient, empathic and mediumship. I aim to make ancient Chinese and Japanese practices more accessible to people, and explore how they can Be used in our modern lives.


Before entering my chat: NO REFUNDS!! You’re paying for my time and service, I take my time and energy to give you some of the most precise guidance and readings you’ll come accross on this platform. If by any means you are unhappy before leaving chat please speak up so we can readdress your concerns or do another reading… nothing is set in stone, if you come in with a Negative outlook or to play “test the psychic” I will tell right away, block you and then you won’t get a reading. Come to me with an open mind or in need of True guidance. Don’t waste either of our time, I am kind, caring and honest so if you can respect that I will treat you with utmost respect and make sure your reading gives you clarity. It will be fun. Eye opening, filled with insight and good-sound advice! So call me today and let’s unlock your future and the most “better” version of yourself that there is!! :)

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