Storm Dancer

Unleashing the Power of the Universe to lead you on your spiritual path, answer questions, address concerns, and provide soul healing. I connect to the Divine Universal Energies to help illuminate your path in times of trouble.


I am a born Intuitive Psychic, Empath, and Medium. I have been doing Readings for 27 years, and practicing on my spiritual path for 34 years. I am a Grey Eclectic Witch with Shamanistic Beliefs. Helping people connect with the universe, grow, and heal are my passions. I tap into the energies of the Universal Consciousness using myself, and selected tools. I provide Spiritual Guidance. I help others connect with the Divine Universal energies and in doing so I am able to provide them with answers to which they seek. I provide Tarot and Oracle Card Readings, Charm Readings, Intuitive Readings, Energy, and Aura Readings. I am able to help with Energy, Meditation, Establishment of Sacred Spaces, Connecting with Spirit Guides. I am a clairvoyant, clairempath, clairaudient, clairsentient being. I specialize in the souls path purpose, relationships, healing of past trauma, career/job, guided meditation, and spirit connection.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I have a degree that allows me to help people hands on every day I work. I am able to use my abilities to make me well liked, and very good at my Job. I have had formal psychological training. As a psychic I have been a featured psychic in other platforms. I maintain a high rating on my own personal page. I communicate in a precise, honest, compassionate, and clear manner. I am often sought after to teach others how to use their unique gifts and to help identify them.


For 27 years I have been honing my abilities providing readings, energy work, and mediumship. I have my own business and work hard to make sure each clients unique needs are met. I am able to identify aspects in your life that can be changed to help you have the life you’re wanting. I am a fully Practicing High Priestess Witch, Master Psychic, Energy Worker, and Medium. I am here to Help guide you with a reading or help you manifest. I am here to help illuminate your path in the dark moments of your life, and help guide you so you are embracing your path to the fullest. I offer many services which include but are not limited to Identification of Abilities Back up of Ability Identification via Astrological Natal Chart basic interpretation and channeling Development of Abilities Mentoring on your spiritual Path how to amplify and use your gifts Connecting you with your spirit guides Readings both in-depth and general guidance Relationship focused readings Career Focused Readings Medium abilities Astrological Charts with explanation These are just some of the services I offer in my private business. I am bringing them here for you to access! Years of Experience, Excellent reviews on personal business page. I help guide you on the path you are meant to follow and help you manifest your dreams! Book Today!

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