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For those seeking answers & clarity on the path, I am here to help navigate & find the best way forward to achieving your heart’s desire. I use the tarot, astrology, runes & the i-ching to ascertain the best next move for my clients in their relationships and soul evolution.

$25: Personal Star transits with tarot.

$50: Astro Compatability with tarot.

$60: Astro compatibility with tarot and transits.

I do not give readings by the minute. My services are available at set prices & I am committed to assisting my clients in finding the answers they are seeking regardless of time constraints, within reason of course.

As an astrologer, I require the birth dates and approximate birth locations of all concerned parties to explore planetary influences.

I will pull 6 to 13+ cards from various decks for any given reading. Please allow me to decern what is required for your specific situation.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I am a practicing Christian Witch and I am an eternal student in the arts of tarot, astrology, herbalism & yoga among many other subjects both esoteric and occult.

I work with a kabbalistic tarot deck, a Lenormand gypsy deck, an heirloom Rider-waite deck, my personal Futhark rune set, an i-ching oracle deck and a few select modern tarot decks.

My full readings including astrological analysis can take me up to 2 hours to complete but I do not charge by those parameters.

Please understand that my primary concern is to deliver you accurate cosmic insight and information to aid you in your wyrd/darhma/soul’s purpose.

For a limited time, my readings are priced very low to allow me to gain experience on this platform. It will not stay this way for very long.

If you are looking for a high-quality reading that you can afford from an expert please take advantage of my current pricing soon!


Throughout my life I have been digging for Truth, allowing myself to be led by the Holy Spirit & my guardian angels. Through many trials, I have come to be able to recognize & discern the spirits.

I am experienced in dealing with recovery from trauma, avoidance, addiction, and abuse. I choose to remain fluid in my beliefs to allow new revelations to change my life.

I no longer walk in fear of condemnation as Spirit guides me in the light & has led me back to my connection with Mother Earth & my own clear intuition.

I am an experienced tarot reader & astrological counselor & although I am new to bitwine, I have helped many members of my own family, as well as individuals from my city and globally online, find the answers they were seeking.

No free readings. No Refunds. Please understand that this is a premium service & should not be rushed. All people can choose to develop psychic ability and skill, I do not indulge skeptics and I am not a one-trick pony or party favor psychic.

In order to gain a holistic understanding, we must take the time required to look into these sensitive topics in a thorough manner.

Your situation and needs are as unique as you are and I tailor all of my services to suit your needs. During our first chat, I aim to get details about your situation and gain an understanding of your inquiry.

After we both choose to work together, we will proceed with payment and I will go to work for you. Within 24 hours based on your availability, we will chat again and I will deliver the full text of your reading and all of my findings.

please register with bitwine so that you may download our transcript to review at your leisure and keep

Then you can choose to reschedule for your Q&A or spend time going over the reading with me at the time of delivery.

You will only be charged for the price of the service you select and an open question & answer session is included. You will not be charged for more time at that point.

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