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Hello! I have been a tarot reader and psychic for over 8 years now. I also have an account on purple ocean under the name tarotista which offers the same services. I channel messages based on your questions, so nothing I say is my personal opinion of you or your situation. I offer readings on anything you ask except health issues, death and birth.

I do offer timeines based on your questions but remember timelines are very hard to be accurate and also free will can change the outcome anytime. But timelines are giving keeping in mind the current situation and what is possible if you follow the current path only.

In addition to the above, I offer spiritual path readings and reiki healing to a present,past and future sitatuions and to people through remote healing sessions.

I request you to be kind to the reader as well as we are not GOD, we can guide you with the current situation but we cannot change it for you. So no rude conversation or misdirection of your anger onto the reader please!

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