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Phoebe is a psychic advisor She has developed her abilities over the course of 15 years working within the psychic field. She provides psychic readings that are grounded in authenticity and integrity. Phoebe offers client specific information, spoken with compassion and objectivity. What she does is provide information involving the energetic aspects that allow you to feel your truth. Psychic readings can open up new information that can offer you more support on your life path. These intuitive psychic sessions may also bring more clarity, self-insight, and perspective that can connect you with your voice and your inner sense of direction

No free readings, I charge for my TIME and ENERGY I cannot tune in for free

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I am a licensed and certified psychic in the state of California i have my own psychic shop where i offer services of psychic readings, tarot card readings, palm readings and chakra balancing.

No free readings, I charge for my TIME and ENERGY I cannot tune in for free

  • Assist with understanding complex situations that can feel confusing and difficult to see clearly
  • Aid with touching more of your truth in choices involving people, places, and life issues
  • Help with understanding energetic aspects of live that may be troubling or concerning
  • Allow for finding a level of stability and truth to guide your choices
  • Be more open to a deeper sense of what is correct for you
  • Learn how to work situations in your world with more confidence and a sense of what is true for you
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