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I am a high frequenc reader with psychic abilities and I am also a born gifted spiritual healer empath. My abilities are most unique and so are my readings. I use the tarot as I way to connect with spirit to bring you the most accurate reading possible. I specialize in reading and giving guidance in love matters. Love is and will always be a very difficult subject for most people. Because of my birth given gift I am able to understand and see what is happening on bot sides of the spectrum. I will give you understanding on your lovers end and also on your own end . I DO NOT TELL YOU WAT YOU WANT TO HEAR.I will also never judge or criticize on whom or choose to love. Other readings I do have to do with more of a spiritual sense. Meditation and spiritual healing of the mind and spirit can often open doors that were once shut. my gift allows me to help other revive and rejuvenate their energy in order to find peace, stability, love, commitment, growth and so much more.please contact me today for any readson. ty

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born with the spiritual intuition with over 4 generations of spiritual healers and psychic scholars help guide me and mold m into becoming the spiritualist I am today. my deed is to help those who cant see beyond their every day issues and problems. contact me today


25 yrs.exp. satified clients from all over the world. I have a storefront in dallas tx that I have established over the last 7 yrs. and have only grown more since then. my experience in the spiritual whelm is fully developed and capable to see more then 1 future. I can determine what path is best for you and which paths (or people) to stray away from.

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