Marie St. Michael

Angel advisor, psychic, shaman, animal communicator


This is SERIOUS spiritual work offered here. I do various card readings, and I have never had one come up wrong. I am a lightworker who connects with angels and Ascended Masters to answer your questions and provide guidance so that you can reach your highest potential. If you are looking for serious spiritual guidance, I am the psychic/shaman/ lightworker you should call. I am also an animal communicator who can help you understand the needs of your companion animals and other animals who may be trying to send you messages. These are shamanic skills. I can help you through guiding you to access your own power. I tell the truth, even when it is not pleasant. No sugar-coated, cotton candy readings with me, but you get real advice from the angels. NO free readings and no refunds. My time is valuable, and my own angels guide me to pass that on. I am not the kind of psychic you call to find out if someone is going to sleep with you. Angels guide us, but the future, we co-create. Expect connection with angels.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

B.A., King’s College, Spanish, French, mass communications M.A., New York University, English/creative writing Ph.D. Warnborough College, English/comparative literature Graduate Silva Mind Method, Basic Certificate Graduate Silva Mind Method, Advanced Certificate


Trained by a shaman in Native American, Christian and diverse spiritual traditions, I was a college professor and award-winning journalist….in those more mundane professions my spiritual/shamanic training helped me to excel. My psychic abilities manifested when I was a child, a very young child able to recall my best lives and see elementals and angels. The shaman who aided me through the phenomenon of Kundalini Rising when I turned age 33, directed me to the Silva Mind Method. I did the coursework in both the basic and advanced courses and obtained certificates in both.

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