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Hello there. my name Is Amanda iam a 3rd generation natural born gifted psychic I can channel many area’s in life such as past/present/future/career/dream analysis/health /love/marriage/and so much more..

I have been a psychic for more than 10yrs now helping client’s through out the states …

iam 100% honest and accurate NO! sugarcoating

iam also an Expert In Love And Relationship’s I also provide accurate time frames

all I need to start a reading with my clients is their name’s and d.o.b’s no othere details needed iam a fast typiest no delay on readings and iam very kind to my clients I say to every client I have come to me like a friend I wont judge you iam here to help and guide you to the truth…

hope to hear from you soon

xoxo psychic reader amanda


i had my special gifted ever since i was 5years old

i noticed i had it when i use to see visions and colors out of no where

then i asked my mom what it was and she smiled and said i had a special gifted and she had it to as well as my grandmother so iam a 3rd generation born gifed psycic

ive been reading for people for more than 10yrs now iam very passionate and sencer with my clients i give my all in a reading for my clients

i try to get fully detailed readings for my clients so right before i give a readings i meditate to release all that is on my mind so i can give my client fully devoted psychic reading i can offer and they are always detailed and honest

ive been reading for people worldwide and i will continue to and that is my faith to lead and guide people to their fullest and happiest life’s they can have

and i hope i can make a change in yours

hope to hear from you soon

xoxo amanda

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