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Astrology is the most accurate tool for divination and prediction. I have been studying and using it for almost 10 years still reading book, seeing clients and learning more myself every day. I can use your Time, Date and Location of birth to see the energies at play for you in your experience and how to make the most of them in the present time empowering you the most desired job, the nicest home, the loving and supportive relationships where you grow and heal spiritually, mainly in my experience I find that Astrology lends more understanding and compassion to me experience for myself and those around me as well.

I do offer relationship support too where I offer a safe place for you to talk and provide a safe place for you to release any any built up emotions leaving you feeling lighter and refreshed with a new sense of direction. i am also stuned to provide Reiki healing sessions where I can send direct healing energy to you with a ritual and guide you through releasing any energetic blockages.

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