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I currently offer flat rate email readings only, no per minute – email me for more info!

Tarot readings help provide insight and guidance into your life, questions, and situation. At times I may reveal some information that is seen for the future IF you stay on your current path, but your life if your own. If you change your path then what I have seen for you will no longer be valid. NO ONE is omnipotent, no one will see every fork in the road that you may take. Because of this time frames mean nothing. Simply the act of getting a reading may set your feet down a different path and therefore timelines are not guaranteed.

Please see the below section for pricing info. ❤️

❣️ NO REFUNDS ONCE READING HAS BEGUN!!! Payment must be made before the reading is started.

❣️ NO GENERAL READINGS – you must have a specific question. Be prepared to answer questions and give info to ensure the most accurate interpretations of the cards possible.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I currently offer flat rate email readings only, no per minute:

❤️ $10 – Full reading for 1 question.

❤️ $15 – Full reading for 2 questions.

❤️ $20 – Full reading for 3 questions.

Interested? Message me and we will schedule a call time for payment. After payment confirmed you will receive a full reading, within 2 hours, delivered to your Bitwine messaging. All email readings include 1 follow up question. Please allow up to 24 hours for the follow up question as I may not be online when you message me with it.

I reserve the right to turn down readings that fall into areas I feel are unethical. For example, I will not answer questions about medical or legal issues.

Crystal healing | Guided Meditation | Tarot & Oracle Reading | Usui Reiki Master | Clairsentient | Claircognizant | Clairvoyant | Dream Interpretation | Pendulum Reading/Pallomancy | Chakra Balancing | Herbalism | Lucid Dreaming | Astral Projection | Aura Reading | Metaphysical Counseling


When I was a child I could tell I wasn’t like everyone else around me. Things would happen that I’d predicted, I could tell what others were feeling quite acutely, I could make headaches go away by touching the person… you get the idea. Over the years these abilities increased and expanded. I eventually learned the right names for these natural skills I had:

★ Clairvoyant ★ Clairsentient ★ Claircognizant ★ Empathic ★ Intuitive ★ Energy Healer

I also learned that these abilities were natural in my family. As I grew up I began training myself in my natural abilities and other areas that interested me and came easily:

★ Crystal Healing ★ Astral Projection ★ Lucid Dreaming ★ Aura Reading ★ Herbalism ★ Chakra Balancing ★ Usui Reiki Master ★ Tarot and Oracle Card Reading

I now have over 26 years experience and find great pleasure in helping others. As a Metaphysical Counselor I use my natural intuitive and empathic abilities to ensure that your reading is as accurate and complete as possible.

I am very open minded & will not judge you on whatever your question or situation is. I take confidentiality very seriously & will not reveal what we have discussed except in the following situations:

A. When required to do so by law. B. When withholding the information would cause harm to yourself or others. C. To protect and defend the property or rights of myself and/or BitWine.

I need you to keep something in mind when asking for a reading:


My tarot readings are meant to provide insight into your situation and the current path you are on IF NOTHING CHANGES. If the path you are on changes then the future that was shown will change too. Tarot helps you to understand that which your subconscious already knows. It helps you understand and make sense of what’s going on. I do not "tell your fortune" or "predict the future". Though tarot is quite often accurate at knowing what is to come, that is NOT the purpose of the reading.

Everyone has free will and may choose to take a different road than the one shown during the reading. Nothing is set in stone and the mere fact of receiving the reading may, in turn, change your actions in a small way, thereby changing the path.


I’m new to Bitwine but not new to giving professional readings. Here are some reviews from other happy clients:

"Greatly appreciate this thoughtful, informative reading. The turnaround time was quick, and, more importantly, the reading was well-explained and very insightful. It’s given me quite a bit to think about – thank you!" – M.C.

"It was a great reading, with good insight and helpful advice. Thank you! Definitely will recommend!" – A.F.

"Great reading. Detailed and insightful. Great connection. Beautiful spirit. Would definitely recommend." – M.S.

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