PSYCHMEDIUM Mariana Loumiet

Medium - Empath - Clairvoyant - Clairsentient - Clairaudient


LOVE & LIFE GUIDANCE <3 TUNE IN REALLY FAST=) Healer. Empath. Clairvoyant. Clairsentient. Medium. Ascension Guidance. Alchemist.

Guided Awakenings

Twin Flame/Divine Counterpart Journey

I Tune into the energies and can help you adjust to your ultimate goals.

Higher Level Ascencion Guidance

Help you align your Mind/Body/Soul

& yes I can also answer things like what is he feeling about me right now etc =)

I have been doing healings and readings for 10+ years with an array of clients from trauma victims, celebrities, and people in search for love, clarity, and peace of mind. I work with other healers to help them on their ascension path and to better master their gifts.

-Was the highest rated on Purple Ocean for months -Worked on Oranum

But overall love working with someone who wants to invest in themselves so that they can get the love they deserve, the financial security so they can live their best life, and to achieve their ultimate fulfillment.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Master in Psychology 5 years of training with a healer/guide that changed my life and helped me face every fear and spiritual challenge on my ascension process till I learned how to love unconditionally and Master my gifts.

3 months in asia learning from every type of healer about different views on energy to emerge myself in the cultures through experience


Guided Awakening

1. Understanding the changes you are experiencing 2. Having someone guide you through the shifts 3. Understanding the gifts you have 4. Mastering the upgrades you are receiving 5. MIND/BODY/SOUL How to come from the heart instead of head. Quieting the mind. Learning how shifts in energy affect your health and what your body is trying to tell you. How these shifts in consciousness are aligning you to your soul path 6. Raising your vibration 7. SELF LOVE 8. Wholeness Union with Self 9. Guidance with Changes in career that align more with who you are becoming. 10. Coping with transformation and rebirth. 11. Going from a victim mentality to a way of seeing these difficult changes as lessons and growth. 12. Learning about energy in general and how everything is connected 13. 3D/5D waking up from the matrix 14. Learning about the Laws of attraction, Manifesting, Law of correspondence

Twin Flame Journey:

1. Balancing 2. Overcoming the runner chaser dynamic 3. Learning the main lesson connected to your Journey 4. Learning how to set boundaries with a twin 5. Surrendering Control over the connection (untangling of energies/refocusing) 6. Coping with kharmic relationships in a healthy way 7. Beyond the Twin Journey: Understanding that they are a catalyst for your growth and what it is all about and how to use the connection for personal growth whether you end up with your twin or not 8. Sacred Sexuality 9. Telepathy 10. Lucid Dreaming with your twin 11. Astral Travel

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