Ashley Winters

I'm a high priestess clairvoyant with the abilities to see your past present and future, with over 15 years of experience allow me to help guide you in the right direction.


I offer honest love advice,and compassion with each reading I give. I am able to tape into the energy of a client to give them the guidance they are seeking. I’m a master reiki healer which means I can heal your Aura & Chakra. I’m a medium which means I can speak to the loved ones who are no longer in this realm. I will give you the information as it comes through to me, there will be no sugar coating, and you will receive honest and expert advice.


CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I’ve recently become a master reiki healer


Does my ex still love me?

When will I meet my "Soulmate"

Why is this negativity following me?

When will I find a better job?

Is my spouse cheating on me?

These are the most common questions my clients ask me.

And I give my clients the truth, and honesty they deserve. If you have stress on your mind, and worry in your heart. If your tired of hearing the same untruthful thing, here’s my promise to you, just after one call with me you will finally get the answers to your most concerning worries.

If your’re faced with problem’s, if you feel like something is holding you back from achieving your goals.

STOP wasting your time, and let me give you the Answers you truly deserve.

What makes me so much different than the millions of other "psychics" out there well here let me explain a little bit about myself.

I’m a Master Diviner, blessed by the element’s to help heal your mind, body, soul.

I am an all resourceful clairvoyant who has the power to restore your life from the ground up.

I’m native american and Spanish, I work through the power of the universe to help heal, and reunite. I’m also a master reiki healer. My ancestors were gypsies by right. My great grandfather was a shaman with ancient native american powers that would change peoples lives for the better. These are the same powers that run through my veins, I have been helping people since the young age of eight years old, I was speaking to spirits much younger then that, I have help thousands of clients from all over the world, on all walks of life for over 15 Years.

If your’re looking for true guidance, and help, then allow me to be the light you need through the darkness….

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