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Certified tarot card reader and natural intuitive psychic.

• Predictions & energy reading* • Connects with your spirit guides for accurate readings • Truthful and positive vibes • Spiritually knowledgable • Can sense information from higher dimensions • Let’s transform your life together!

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REIKI HEALING Promotes wellbeing, physical & mental health, heals trauma, heals your energy field, releases blockages.

COMMUNICATION BLOCKAGES Heals blockages of communication between you and your loved one.

CORD CUTTING Releases attachments to person or people that are feeding off your energy and leaving you drained. TESTIMONIAL: "I did a cord cutting with her and he called me 2 hours later"

VIOLET FLAME HEALING This powerful prayer releases and heals karma from this lifetime and past lifetimes.

LIGHT PRAYER Sends you love, light, and healing from higher dimensional guides that are always around us.


Education Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Life Coach Certification. Certified Reiki Healer.

Psychic Certified tarot card reader. Natural Intuitive abilities.

Healer I have the natural ability to transmute negative energies into positive and cause transformation into people’s lives.

No refunds, please understand you pay for my time and energy. I always deliver news in a way that gives you answers and positive options, even though I will not sugarcoat. A consultation with me with always leave you with more clarity than before but please do not abuse services.

HOURS 7PM-12AM Mon-Fri / 2PM-12AM Sat-Sun (Standard Eastern Time). Please message me if I am offline and I will get back to you.


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