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Hello my name is Ginger, I am ready to assist you threw my psychic ability intuition . One session with me will bring you the clarity and inner peace you much desire. All my readings require is your name as well as your date of birth as well as the person whom you may be inquiring about, with this information this allows me to see clearly to gain the information you seek beyond the typical human senses. This information will allow me to connect with your spirit guide and tap into your energies by doing so this will reveal to me whatever it is you desire to know whether it is regarding what the next step in your career might be, Finding and connecting to your soulmate/Twin Flame or even if it is regarding a past lovers feelings or emotions towards you. My readings entails dates and times.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Over all I am a natrual born Psychic with clairvoyant insights with tools to enhance my gift to a higher level to offer my clients a as benifical experience as possible. I have a degree in reading tarot cards, a 3rd level degree in Reiki as a Reiki master, Certified chakra healer and I also have a PhD in spiritual psychology.

Through my gift and tools I would like to help my clients to reach their highest and fullest potential by providing them with insight and advise based on the insight provided to reach the next level in their lives but sometimes in life you may find yourself confused or even stuck in a certain situation where you’re not sure what the right direction or decision may be one session with me will allow you gain valuable information that will assist you to make the right decisions for a more peaceful, prosperous and enlightened path. Allow me to guide you through your challenges and uncertainties that you may be facing.


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