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Attention! Not Free!

Regular clients are given 2-10 mins as a GIFT in critical situations! I answer 2-3 questions from regular clients for FREE in email messages after consultation!

Be patient, the process of clairvoyance is not so fast, I slowly type the answer in the chat.

SOME PPL want to interpret my visions as they see fit…let me in this case just convey to you what I feel as an EMPATH, tell you the pictures in clairvoyance and the emotional state of your loved one…

Hello, my name is Delia, I am a spiritual reader and consultant with more than 20 years of experience. Write Me your name, age and ask any questions. I see the future and the past, plans, the person’s attitude to you, etc. I just need you to ask me your questions. Then I will know what to look for in the information channel.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Successfully completed a course

"Parapsychology: Theory and practice" (2012).

I have the status of •psychic consultant•

education: graduated from Institute for the psychological counseling psychology (the official representative of the Academy, Wiesbaden, Germany). Status psychologist consultant

Training: "Family psychology. The Institute for family counseling" psychology (from. a representative of the Academy Wiesbaden, Germany). Status family psychologist consultant


Text me! I am 46 years old, more than 20 years working with people as energy healer. Worked in two centres to help people. Worked as a freelancer and volunteer. I continue work in the center of magic and psychology. I can understand the mistakes of other people because it’s some experience. I love people, understand them and sympathize.

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