I love to sense auras and read the rhythms and cycles you are going through, as well as the memories of your ancestors that are so significant in your life. Receive messages from people that was significant for you and has passed away!

I use: Alice in Wonderland, Sailor’s Tarot, Wisdom Cards, Love Tarot, Magicians Tarot, Angel Messages and Messages from Heaven.

I choose shells, crystals, stones, quartz and colors that resonate with your aura, giving you strength and protecting your environment of unique personal resonance with the Universe. We each of us vibrate to our own unique rhythm from conception. It is special, but is affected by the energies of those around us. Happiness comes to us when we learn how out of balance we are, and then are given the tools to bring our self into harmony once more. Creating the perfect relationship is something we have no training for, it is one if not the most important aspect of our life.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Cognitive Imaging Profiler Aura Reader Pneurolinguistic Facilitator Childhood Psychology Prenatal Psychologist Music Therapist


I had been into music all my life, I come from a musical family since 2 generations back.

My psychic skills as far as I remember had been there, when I was aware of this gift I began to put it into practice with friends. I began to work with them professionally around 23 yrs ago. I had worked in several psychic sites and psychic fairs since 2000.

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Languages: English and Spanish

Media: Audio Call, Video Call

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