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LIFE'S PURPOSE, help with BIG DECISIONS, helping those who feel LOST, and most of all: clearing up WHAT PEOPLE ARE THINKING ABOUT YOU - I promise to be 100% honest and 100% HELPFUL, giving you a SOLID PLAN for the future!


Feeling lost? Discover your LIFE’S PURPOSE, clarity on the BIG DECISIONS, and really key in to WHAT PEOPLE ARE THINKING.

STUDENTS and BUSINESS OWNERS come to me regularly to figure out what their next moves should be. Is a big change in direction needed? What should come next?

More than this: people suffering from DEPRESSION, or FEELING LOST, who NEED DIRECTION love what we create together. I seem to be able to zoom right in on what’s happening and what we need to do to make it better.

And then there are those LOOKING FOR LOVE who have questions about RELATIONSHIPS. This stuff is important and affects your life deeply! Let’s take it seriously and dive into it together!

I’ve been a lifelong psychic, and professionally serving clients for over ten years. We focus on ending confusion and coming up with a SOLID PLAN for moving forward in a positive direction.


Lifelong psychic, owner of The Psychic Village where I’ve been helping people professionally for years, HUNDREDS helped through in-person consultations and over the phone!

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