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Hi my name is Diana, and I am a direct speaking, honest psychic with over 25 years’ experience in giving psychic readings.I am a relationship expert and I have helped numerous people find solutions to their issues with relationships and marriages. I make sure to tune into the situation and connect to find the root of the issue and help guide you in the present situation. My goal in each session is to find a solution that can help change your future! We do have unlimited paths and as long as we can take charge of our path, and our self, we can alter our life and create the life we do want.

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I have over 25 years of experience in helping others & studying Spiritualism! Most people will only answer your problem at its face value. I view the situation from ALL points of view. Looking up, down and from all sides My intention driven approach yields some rather unusual suggestions for betterment. Allow me to drive and trust me to improve your situation—you’ll feel better almost immediately.I am a Psychic by birth, I have been aware of my gift ever since I was a child through visions and dreams� Through my knowledge and experience with Numbers Numerology and Astrology that is associated with my gift and Tarot cards reading; I will be able to tell you what fate is holding for you.


Negative thoughts can grow and become enormous barriers in your life. Learn how to combat your internal negativity and live your purpose.

Until recently almost all of my readings have been face to face. I’ve very quickly adapted to using the energy of the Internet and am transposing it to use my gifts. We’re all just energy after all. It feels much like Intuitive Magic, which is how I describe what I do. I have a lot of know how and I use that to help guide me on my journey.

I believe God has given me these gifts as a present to help guide you at the crossroads of your life. By letting me in I can feel what you feel and feel what others around you feel. It is like I am sometimes sitting right across from you. And I can feel your energy and project mine. I can at times describe places around you as well as descriptions of people and things that I pick up during our chat session. Sometimes I cannot always tell you why I am picking them up but I still feel it is very important to share with you. I work very differently from others.

I honestly answer your ENTIRE question. I go beneath the surface. My Spiritual Education was received from the best source: I was trained by my own Spiritual Team, Ascendant Masters and Spirit Guides. My diploma is an incredible series of books, that was dictated to me by my spiritual team. I was instructed o n how to help people create a bright, healthy, abundant and successful life. They dictated to me how to resolve any kind of situations, including in love, business, legal, finances, health, family, kids, success, and any type of relationship with their help.

I have the gifting of empathy, intuitiveness, clairaudience, clairsentience, and spirituality as well at times, Mediumship. I Specialize in matters of the heart and I use these natural born gifts to give you insight on your life and those around you past, present and even sometimes those that have passed. I can help you find that inner peace you’ve been searching for. At times, life may present you with so many problems that you just don’t know what to do. But there is a way, there is always a way. There is no problem that cannot be overcome. My mission in this life is to pass you the key that opens a door to the realization of where you should go, which path to take, and simply to help you.

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