Aerie Rivers

"Love Aerie!! Predictions were spot on and timing was crazy accurate! To the day!"


Special per min rate $11.11 everywhere else!

Do you ever just need some peace of mind about your person?

Oh, you’re in just the right spot,beautiful!

That’s where I come in.

I’m Aerie, Ascension Coach & Soul Connection Expert.

I work with clients experiencing a Twin Flame or other type of Soul connection who are looking for support as they navigate their journey.

I help through readings & coaching sessions while sprinkling in a little self love & empowerment into their lives and turning anxiety into peace of mind. 

With certifications from some of the best in the business and over 10,000 readings and coaching sessions to date.

My client’s include many fellow readers because of my accuracy and ability to see into their situation.


That’s why my readings are different. Come see for yourself :)

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Timing & relationship readings are my jam but I am happy to help you with any concern you have. If I cant I’ll let you know before any payment is taken.

I offer free introductions so you won’t be "On the clock" as I am asking your name and details of the question. When we are ready I will send the payment request. I am a fast typist so your questions will be answered quickly.

NO General Readings

I have been tried and tested over the years so take the opportunity to see for yourself at this very limited price!

Your feedback on our sessions is very much appreciated. Thank you in advance :)


Please read entire profile before deciding to call :)

My readings are delivered in a way that will UPLIFT and ENLIGHTEN you!! Your happiness and positivity is my absolute priority!


"Aerie is truly of THE BEST on this site. I’ve spoken to many and she is one of two advisors that I can hands down recommend with complete confidence. She has always been incredibly accurate and honest. Thank you again for your guidance and support!"

"She is so kind but totally honest as well. There have been times I didn’t want to hear what she had to say but it was the truth which I appreciate. Today was a positive reading though so even better. She’s been spot on in the past!"

"We talked about the jobs I applied for & she was soo accurate on my previous 2 employers that she blew me away. This psychic I encourage you call!"

"Aerie was more accurate so far than some of the other psychics I’ve talked to. Her price is reasonable so I would encourage that you give her a try! She’s definitely special!"

"She is the best and very accurate! predictions came true!"

"I really loved this reading. Thank you so much. Everything checks out to be true. Logical, helpful and accurate. People like the make me truly believe in their gift."

"I’ve been getting readings from Aerie for a couple of years now and she is so amazing, honest, accurate, says what it is. Sorry I had to run. Thanks so much. She’s the best and I trust her."

"Aerie keeps me sane! She has been my go to for a good year now! She very rarely lets me down when it comes to timelines & POI! 99% of the time extremely accurate! I spoke to her at the end of May she saw the numbers 14 & 19. Then early July she saw 9 weeks from last contact … I finally heard from my POI on the 18th July! So 9 weeks since I last contact him and within the week which she saw in May!"

"Most accurate reading I’ve ever gotten."

"Spoken to Aerie so many times I have lost count, but each time I talk to her she can pick up different details on the point I am questioning. Doesn’t repeat fairly tale stories! Her timing so far has been very accurate too… I would say 98% of the time that she has mentioned a date … then something has happened on that date!"

"Love Aerie!! Predictions were spot on and timing was crazy accurate! To the day!"

Officially Trusted & Recommended reader by Cassady Cayne of the famous twinflames1111

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